Here are 5 Players in the Top Region Badge Elite Pass Season 39 Free Fire (FF)!

I can’t believe it, the Elite Pass Free Fire for August 2021, the Elite Pass Season 39, has ended. the entry in September 2021, has opened a new page by entering the Elite Pass Season 40 with the Scorpio theme.

This Season Elite Pass change of course leaves an interesting trail to see which players have managed to become Top Badges, especially for the Indonesian Region itself.

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To welcome the Elite Pass Season 40 and say goodbye to the Elite Pass Season 39, here is Berita Booyah presenting a list of 5 players with the most badges in the Indonesian Region!



Maybe many are wondering, who is GotSkinKO, it turns out that behind that name is a name that always occupies the first position every month who else if not DylandPROS. In Elite Pass Season 39, DylandPOS has a total of 14,331 Badges.

WEMM Asep`Ez


The second position in the Top Region Badge Elite Pass Season 39 is a Free Fire player who has the nickname WEMM Asep’Ez. This one player is ranked second by earning a Badge of 10,525 Badges.



Moving on to third place, AMURE • IYANK became a Free Fire player who managed to place himself in third place in the Top Region Badge Elite Pass Season 39 with 10,000 Badges.



HENDY`ᴬᴹᵁᴿᴱ is the next Free Fire player who occupies the fourth position as the player with the most Badges in the Indonesian Region., the total Badge he has collected is 9,262 Badges.

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Finally, in fifth position is a player with the nickname TBL™BANGKA who has managed to occupy the fifth position in the Top Region Badge Indonesia by collecting 8973 Badges.

Those were the names of a series of players who managed to get in the top 5 with the most Badges from Free Fire Server Indonesia. So, is Booyah’s friend one of the Top 5 Regions in August 2021 Elite Pass Season 39?

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