Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Handbook in Indonesian

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is a video game in the Story of Season farming simulation series developed and published by Victor Interactive Software. This game is the first Harvest Moon series for the PlayStation console.

Interestingly, the characters from the Harvest Moon 64 series were turned into characters from the Back to Nature version, of course with some distinguishing things such as lifestyle, relatives, and fresh new personalities.

In recent times, hobbies.id has collected a number of information related to the game Harvest Moon Back to Nature (HM BTN), which we then summarize some important points to present to readers.

Story Plot

As a boy, the main character went to his grandfather’s farm for the summer. His grandfather was too busy tending his garden to spend much time with the character.

Then the boy explores the city and the countryside alone and befriends his grandfather’s puppy and meets a little girl his age who becomes close friends.

When summer ended, the main character in the game had to return home, before leaving he had time to make a promise to the girl who had just accompanied him that he would return one day.

Ten years later, after his grandfather’s death, the boy, now a grown man, returns to the village to take care of his grandfather’s farm garden.

After meeting the main character, the mayor and other villagers decide to allow him to become the rightful owner if he manages to restore the neglected garden back to its original state within three years, if that fails, he can’t help but leave and the game is over, and the player is declared FAILED.

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Well, to start the game well, here we have written some guidelines which can later help you to complete everything that will be passed in the future.

list of contents

  1. Walkthrough
  2. Character
  3. Mine
  4. Calendar
  5. Weather
  6. Equipment
  7. Seed plant
  8. First Year Spring Event
  9. First Year Summer Event
  10. First Year Fall Event
  11. First Year Winter Event
  12. Festival
  13. Power Berry & Special Berry
  14. Recipes
  15. Inducement

Find Other Interesting Things

  1. How to Get Rare Seeds
  2. How to prevent Cliff from leaving the village
  3. How to Get Relaxation Tea Leaves
  4. How to Get Legendary Fish
  5. Villagers’ Favorite Birthdays & Gifts

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