Hard as Steel! Build the Latest and Strongest Top Global Belerick (ML) Items

Are you looking for the sickest and deadliest Belerick gear item? Don’t worry, this time we will provide some information regarding Belerick Mobile Legends (ML).

Previously this tank hero who looked like a Giant Beetle had experienced a rework. Moonton seems to have made a big change to Belerick, from the skill set to his appearance.

Belerick has a fairly large damage output compared to other tanks such as Hylos, Akai, or Lolita. And he has the ability to give Crowd Control effects to enemies in his area. Of course this is very beneficial for the team when doing a teamfight.

Well, in this article we will provide information about Belerick Mobile Legends, ranging from advantages and disadvantages, skill sets, emblems and spells, to the strongest Belerick build items. For those of you who are curious, please read this article to the end.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Belerick Mobile Legends (ML)

Belerick MLBB Skin Tiger Claws HD Wallpaper for PC Hobigame


  • The more attacked, the more painful the backlash
  • Can lock the opponent easily
  • His ultimate is very good for teamfight


  • The main damage is only from the opponent’s attack, the skill itself doesn’t hurt too much
  • Quite weak at the start of the game

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Belerick’s Skill Set

Passive – Deadly Thorns

belerick passive skill

For every 50 Damage taken by Belerick, he has a 25% chance to attack the nearest enemy unit, dealing Magic Damage equal to 120-260 + (0.8%) of his Max HP) (scales with Level) . Every 0.4 seconds, this attack can only be inflicted once.
HP gained from Equipment increased by 15%.

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Skill 1 – Ancient Seed

skill 1 belerick

Belerick releases vines in a designated direction, dealing 200(+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies in his path and slowing them down by 25%. Meanwhile, it leaves the Ancient Seed in its path, and after 1 second, this Ancient Seed will deal 200(+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies in the path and taunt them for 1.2 seconds.

Deals 50% additional damage to Minions.

  • Cooldown: 8.0/7.6/7.2/6.8/6.4/6.0 sec
  • Mana Cost: 60/66/72/78/84/90
  • Basic Damage: 200/220/240/260/280/300
  • Extra Damage: 200/220/240/260/280/300

Skill 2 – Nature’s Strike

skill 2 belerick

In the next 3 seconds, Belerick increases his Movement Speed ​​by 40% and strengthens his next Basic Attack.
This amplified Basic Attack deals 300(+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage, and slows the target by (+0%) for 1.4 seconds. Belerick will also regenerate HP equal to 240+(8% of HP lost).

  • Cooldown: 12/11,4/10,8/10,2/9,6/9.0sec
  • Mana Cost: 90/102/114/126/138/150
  • Basic Damage: 300/330/360/390/420/450
  • HP Regen: 240/288/336/384/432/480

Skill 3 – Wrath of Dryad

skill 3 belerick

Belerick throws vines around him, immobilizing enemies that hit him for 2 seconds and dealing damage to them 4 times. Each time deals 100(+30% Total Magic Power) Damage.

  • Cooldown: 40/36/32
  • Mana Cost: 150
  • Basic Damage: 100/150/200

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Build the Strongest and Sickest Belerick Mobile Legends Item (Season 20 Update 2021)

build item belerick mobile legends (ML)

1. Courage Mask

courage mask


  • +700 HP
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • +25 Movement Speed

Active Skill-Encourage:
Increases Movement Speed ​​by 30% and Physical and Magic Attack by 20% to nearby heroes and team heroes for 3 seconds. This skill has a cooldown of 80 seconds. Cannot receive Conceal and Encourage effects again for 80 seconds.

Unique Passive-Bravery:
Increases 10% Physical & Magic Attack, 10% Physical & Magic Defense and 50% HP & Mana Regen for nearby teammates.

Unique Passive-Devotion:
In the first 9 minutes of a match, you don’t get EXP and Gold from Minions or Creeps and will not affect teammates’ Exp and Gold if there are teammates without Equipment Roam, or they have more EXP or Gold than you around you.

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Unique Passive-Thriving:
Gain 25% Gold and additional EXP with Assist. When your Gold ranks 5th in your team. You will get 14 Gold every 4 seconds. When your EXP ranks 5th in your team, you will gain 30 EXP every 4 seconds.

2. Warrior Boots

warrior boots


  • +22 Physical Defense
  • +40 Movement Speed

Unique Passive-Valor:
Physical Defense will increase by 5 each time receiving a Basic Attack, up to a maximum of 25. Lasts for 3 seconds.

3. Thunder Belt

thunder belt


  • +800 HP
  • +6 Mana Regen
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • +40 Physical Defense

Unique Passive-Thunderbolt:
Within 3 seconds of using the skill, the next basic attack will deal additional True Damage equal to 2% of the user’s Max HP. Skills against enemy targets and surrounding units, and slows them for 1.5 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

4. Cursed Helmet

cursed helmet


  • +1200 HP
  • + 25 Magical Defense

Unique Passive-Burning Soul:
Gives 1.5% Magic Defense equivalent to the opponent’s Max HP around per second. Damage will increase by 50% to Minions.

5. Guardian Helmet

guardian helmet


Unique Passive-Recovery:
Regenerates 1.5% of Hero’s Max HP. Eliminating enemy heroes will increase the speed of the regeneration effect by 0.4%, while Assist will increase it by 0.2% (including Kill and Assist before purchase), up to 3.5%. This effect will disappear 5 seconds after the Hero takes damage.

6. Immortality



  • +800 HP
  • +40 Physical Defense

Unique Passive-Immortal:
Resurrect 2 seconds after being eliminated and gain 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage. (Scales with Hero Level) Shield lasts for 3 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 180 seconds.

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Belerick Battle Spell

Belerick is a Tank/Support who will be dealing with the enemy hero at the front. Then the suitable spell for Belerick is Vengeance, where the battle spell is able to take damage from the opponent and regenerate HP equal to 50%.

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As an alternative, Belerick is also suitable for using Battle Spell Flicker, where Flicker can be used to escape from enemy pursuit, but can also be used to attack.



In the next 3 seconds, each time the hero takes damage, deals 50 plus 25% of the damage taken as magic damage to enemies. Gain 35% Damage Reduction during this period.



Move a certain distance in a specified direction. Then get 5(+1*Hero Level) Physical & Magic Defense for 1 second.

Belerick Emblem Set

Custom Tanks

custom tank emblem

At level 60, the Custom Tank Emblem Set will provide the following bonuses:

  • Armor: +10.00
  • Magic Resistance: +10.00
  • HP: +345.00
  • Cooldown Reduction: +2.00%
  • HP Regen: + 18.00

Custom Support

custom support emblem

At level 60, the Custom Support Emblem Set will provide the following bonuses:

  • Hybrid Regen + 10.00
  • Hybrid Penetration + 12.00
  • Cooldown Reduction + 5.00%
  • Movement Speed ​​+ 4.00%
  • HP + 183.00


Belerick is a tank hero who is very useful during team fights because of his ability to Immobilize the surrounding enemies. That way you and your teammates can kill the enemy easily.

However, for solo play, Belerick is not very suitable to be chosen because other teammates tend to play individually in their respective lanes without paying attention to the team, unless a teamfight occurs.

Hopefully this article can help those of you who are looking for the strongest and sickest Belerick item build. There are still many of the best Mobile Legends build items following the latest meta that we haven’t discussed. So, just wait for the next build update and don’t miss to download the Belerick Mobile Legends Full HD wallpaper.

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