Grenade Scarecrow, Elite Pass FF Season 39 Free Fire Pre-order Bonus!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

The month of July 2021 doesn’t feel like it’s going to end a few more. For Free Fire players, of course, the changing of the month is also the moment of the changing of the Seasons in Elite Pass Free Fire (FF).

Currently, Free Fire has entered Elite Pass Season 38. Later, in August 2021 Elite Pass will enter Season 39 and take the theme of a scary scarecrow!

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Soon, Elite Pass Season 39 FF will open Pre-order soon. For more details about what bonuses you get and when the Pre-order period takes place, see the following article!

Elite Pass Season 39 Free Fire (FF) Pre-order Bonus

Pre-order Elite Pass will usually present a Bonus that Buddy Booyah will not get after the Pre-order period ends. Each season, the bonuses offered will vary depending on the Elite Pass theme.

In Elite Pass Season 39, Buddy Booyah who pre-order Elite Pass Season 39 will get a bonus skin grenade in the shape of a scarecrow with the name Grenade Scarecrow.

With a discount from the previous price of 1500 Diamonds to 999 Diamonds, Buddy Booyah will be able to get the FF Scarecrow Grenade during the Elite Pass Season 39 Pre-order period.

Meanwhile, Elite Pass Season 39 pre-orders will take place from 29-31 July 2021. After that, the Elite Pass will return to its normal price and the Pre-order bonus will not be available for Buddy Booyah.

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Therefore, don’t let Buddy Booyah miss this Elite Pass Season 39 Free Fire (FF) Pre-order if you like the look of the bundles and themes offered!

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