Grenade Range, Grenade Practice Zone on Advance Server FF July 2021!

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Exactly on July 22 yesterday, Free Fire re-released the Advance Server which contained a trial updates Upcoming Free Fire. In the July version of FF Advance Server this time, it brings a lot of updates new, one of which is updates The training ground in in-game!

At the Training Ground on the FF Advance Server in July 2021, there is a new practice zone, you know! Yep, Grenade Range, is a new training zone at the Training Ground Advance Server July 2021! Want to know what Grenade Range is a training ground for? Let’s see the discussion below!

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Grenade Range, Grenade Training Ground on Advance Server FF July 2021!

Grenade Range is a new training zone to train the use of grenades while fighting. To access the Grenade Range, Buddy Booyah can enter the Training Ground Advance Server FF July 2021, and Buddy Booyah can directly enter the teleportation door next to the vending machine.

After logging in, Buddy Booyah will automatically spawn in the Grenade Range. The Grenade Range has a very interesting and useful training ground plan for practicing the use of grenades. Because in the Grenade Range, Buddy Booyah can practice throwing grenades behind obstacles, houses, and others.

To start training using grenades, Buddy Booyah can enter the blue box zone and click the Grenade Range button on the screen. Later, Buddy Booyah will be provided with 15 grenades for practice.

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After starting, there will be a target board that Buddy Booyah can destroy using a grenade to get points. So make sure the grenade Buddy Booyah throws hits the target.

Buddy Booyah is given 1 minute to practice grenades. If the time runs out or the grenades that Buddy Booyah has run out before the time expires, the results of your grenade training will automatically appear at that time.

It seems very interesting huh! Not only Gloo Wall, Buddy Booyah can also train grenade reflexes at Grenade Range, Training Ground Advance Server FF July 2021! What do you think, Buddy Booyah? Is it interesting?

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