GGWP Clutching Match 6 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2

No kidding, even though they lost in numbers and positions, GGWP Clutching Match 6 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2 against TangCity. With the Booyah they won, this could be a good thing for GGWP who need additional points.

But it is undeniable that the game from their opponent, TangCity is very good. They managed to get rid of BTR and eliminated them solidly. GGWP plays beautifully too which is good for them.

Currently on the second day, all matches ended very fiercely. No snowball or team is completely helpless. It all ended very fiercely, even though there were some very prominent teams.

Dewa, TangCity, SixNine, and NESC are probably the most prominent at this point. Some of these teams always give surprises or very dominant results thanks to the acquisition of very strong points for their team.

Every day the matches in FFML are getting more exciting and each team also has to rack their brains to find their best strategy. GGWP is a bit late in the heat, but with clutching them this might be a very good move.

With GGWP Clutching Match 6 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2 then they closed the day with a sweet Booyah. Not so many points indeed because their kills are not spectacular. But maybe from this of course it will be even better.

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