Get to know PUBG Mobile’s 3D Touch Features – Did you know that in PUBG Mobile there is a 3D Touch feature. Although this feature is only available on some smartphones, it doesn’t hurt you to know.

For clarity, we will discuss how to enable the 3D Touch feature and use it in game. Here below.

What is PUBG 3D Touch?

what is pubg 3d touch feature
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3D Touch PUBG is a feature where your cellphone screen can feel the pressure generated by your finger.

Different pressure, then different choices will be generated.

So far, only a few phones have 3D Touch features, one of which is the iPhone.

How to Activate the 3D Touch Feature

activate the 3d touch feature

Before using this feature, make sure you have turned on the 3D Touch feature on your smartphone first so that it can work.

If it is active, you can start PUBG Mobile then select Settings -> Controls.

Then select the control option in the middle and activate 3D Touch. Done, 3D Touch is now active and ready to be used in the game.

In addition, you can also adjust the sensitivity of the 3D Touch, the bigger the number, the stronger you have to press it to work.


This 3D Touch feature can be a feature that helps you, because it is quite efficient and you don’t have to bother pressing the shoot button again.

So, what do you think about this cool feature? You need to remember, not all smartphones support this 3D Touch feature, so make sure again whether your smartphone supports it?

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