Get Permanent Costumes From Rhythm’s Fortune PUBG Mobile Event

In order to enliven the PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary celebration. Game developers will present a number of interesting events, one of which is an event called Rhythm’s Fortune, in which players can get prizes in the form of permanent costumes.

Tencent as the publisher is holding a number of upcoming events this year, one of these events is already present in PUBG Mobile and you can join now to get permanent costumes.

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Titled the 3rd Anniversary of PUBG Mobile, this event is one of the most popular special day celebrations for the battle royale game. Of course, Tencent will share interesting prizes for its loyal fans.

What do you think? Curious right? Let’s just take a look below.

Rhythm’s Fortune PUBM Event

event rhythm fortune pubg mobile
Photo: YouTube – BHARAT GAMER

This event is already present in the game on March 9, 2021 and will end on April 10, 2021. Players will be given one month to get a permanent costume.

The permanent costume is the Pretty in Pink Set. Yes, from the name alone it’s funny, especially if you’ve managed to get it, surely your character’s appearance will be even more attractive with all-pink nuances.

For how to get it, it’s almost like the Fortune Wheel, only in this event players don’t need UC, but players only need tokens obtained from the event.

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You can get the tokens by completing the various missions that have been given, it’s quite easy. You only need to play in Classic Match mode which is a lot to get 18 tokens.

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Based on the information we got, to get this skin at least the player must do 10 spins. For one spin will spend 3 tokens. That is, to do 10 spins, the player will spend 30 tokens. The following is a list of prizes that you can get.

  • Pretty in Pink Set
  • Pretty in Pink Headpiece
  • Pink Hedgehog – Mini14 (3 days)
  • Time Traveler – Kar98K (3 days)
  • Neon Destroyer – AKM (3 days)
  • Reaper – M416 (3 days)
  • Tidal Wave – Scar L (3 days)
  • Bloody Fang Mask (3 days)
  • Mischievous Night Parachute (5 Days)
  • Off-Road Buggy (5 Days)
  • Stealth Agent Backpack (5 Days)
  • Stealth Agent Helmet (5 Days)
  • Album Crate
  • 2 Battle Points
  • Supply Coupon Scrap
  • Classic Coupon Scrap
  • AG

In addition, players will also be attending various interesting events that will come on March 15-21 2021. It would be a shame if you just missed it.

So, don’t forget to take note of the date for this latest PUBG Mobile event. Because there will be many surprises waiting in front of you.

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