Get MCL-FF Cyber ​​Neon FF in the Latest Top Up Bonus Event!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Some time ago, Free Fire just arrived the latest Sports Car skin, the fruit of a collaboration from Free Fire x McLaren which is just as good as the existing skins.

One of the newest collaboration skins for Free Fire x McLaren is the MCL-FF Cyber ​​Neon FF skin. For Buddy Booyah who has been waiting for this skin, this skin will be coming soon in the latest Free Fire Top Up Bonus event!

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Curious about what effects the MCL-FF Cyber ​​Neon FF skin has and how many Diamonds should Buddy Booyah Top Up have? The following is Booyah News which has a complete leak!

MCL-FF Cyber ​​Neon FF Latest Top Up Bonus Event

As the name suggests, the MCL-FF Cyber ​​Neon FF skin will make Buddy Booyah’s Sports Car change its shape and have a predominantly neon color. In addition, this skin is also equipped with effects when walking.

Buddy Booyah later can get the MCL-FF Cyber ​​Neon FF skin by Top Up at least 200 Diamonds. This MCL-FF Cyber ​​Neon Skin Top Up Bonus Event will take place from 11 to 17 September 2021.

  1. Make a top up worth a minimum 200 Diamonds.
  2. Visit the In-game Events Tab Event>Top Up Bonus.
  3. Click “Take“.
  4. Prizes will go directly to Vault/Collection you.

Not only having effects, the MCL-FF Cyber ​​Neon FF skin is also equipped with statistical changes. Later, these are the statistical changes that Buddy Booyah can get from the MCL-FF Cyber ​​Neon FF skin:

  • Top Speed(+)
  • Handling(+)
  • Durability(-)
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How about you, are you interested in getting the MCL-FF Cyber ​​Neon FF skin to complete your Sports Car skin, Buddy Booyah? Don’t miss it!

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