Get Gold in Ranked Season 22 FF, Get SCAR Exclusive Maxim!

Get Gold in Ranked Season 22 FF, Get SCAR Exclusive Maxim!

Ranked Season 22 Free Fire (FF) has officially started on July 2, 2021 at 16:00 WIB, and this means that players can push your rank from now on!

As you know, every time you rank up there will be various prizes that you can get.

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Well, wrong checkpoint The Free Fire rank that many players have achieved is Gold, and if you can reach that rank, there will be cool prizes that you will receive!

Here is the explanation

Prizes for increasing Gold rank in the latest Ranked Season

The prize that you will get in Ranked Season 22 if you manage to reach rank gold 1 is a slick gun skin, namely SCAR Exclusive Maxim!

It is undeniable that this gun skin has a cool look with a maxim image holding a weapon attached to the body of the weapon.

Like other gun skins, SCAR Exclusive Maxim will also provide stat changes. Here are the stats of the weapon:

  • Accuracy (+)
  • Movement Speed ​​(-)

In addition to the SCAR gun skin, there are several other interesting prizes that you can get if you have a Gold 1 rank.

Here is the list of Gold rank 1 rewards:

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That’s information about SCAR Exclusive Maxim which is a Ranked Season 22 prize if the player reaches Gold 1 rank.

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