Get a Free Name Change Card at the Latest FF Event!

Get a Free Name Change Card at the Latest FF Event!

On July 7, Free Fire (FF) has presented a surprise event that presents lots of cool prizes for players.

So far there have been two missions out of this event: the Surprise Reward mission and the Surprise Weapon mission.

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Well, this time there is a new mission present and the prize you can get is a Name Change Card! You can use this item to change your FF account name!

Therefore, if you are interested in this gift, we will discuss how to get it!

How to get a Free Name Change Card

Free Name Change Card FF
Source: Garena

To get a free Name Change Card, it’s very easy! Spinners just need to complete the newest Surprise Mission.

This Surprise Mission will be present from 9-12 July 2021 and there are two types of missions that players must complete.

The first is the login mission, then the second is the play mission. Here is a list of missions and rewards that you can get:

Login to the game: Room Card + Golden Vow

Play 5 Games: Victory Wings loot Crate

Play 15 Games: Pet Rumble Room Card

Play 25 Games: Room Card + Name Change Card

That’s the way to get a free Name Change Card at the latest surprise event on Free Fire (FF). You have 4 days to complete this mission!

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