Garena Free Fire Thailand Releases New Live Action Movie Titled UNDEFEATED

Be happy for all of you Free Fire fans because good news has come for all of us. Currently, Garena Free Fire Thailand has launched a new live action film entitled UNDEFEATED which will invite you to watch the action of the four main players fighting for Booyah.

This live action film that was released has a duration of 17 minutes with the same storyline as the FF battle royale game. Where at the beginning of the film, the cast is in a plane and lands on an island. Then do looting weapons equipment to fight, as well as against each other players against each other.

The thick elements typical of FF games are also adapted into the film. Like a character jumping from a plane using a surfboard before opening the parachute to land.

The safe zone continues to shrink, Gloo Wall and other war equipment, as well as loot create containing Grenade Launcher are also presented in the live action film.

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The film also features a red zone scene with bombs falling, making the battle even fiercer for Booyah’s throne.

Photo: Twitter/freefireyaya

We admit that the film production from Free Fire is very cinematic and interesting. In addition, we can wait for what the next live action surprise will be presented by Garena Free Fire Thailand in the future.

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UNDEFEATED takes place in a Thai production area, where the setting can bring the same combat atmosphere as what happens in FF games.

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