Garena Free Fire (FF) Worker Salary

For now, you can find out the Garena Free Fire (FF) Worker Salary, for those who are curious, you really need to know the total salary from Garena. Because we know that the Free Fire game is already quite famous and maybe you are asking about the salary they get.

Maybe for information like this, it’s one of the things that is quite interesting, because you will know some new things. Because you are in touch with the workers and maybe the GM later, you will know a lot of information now.

Moreover, yesterday we know the Free Fire Game Reached 1 Billion Play Store Downloads, even this large total is also very lively. You may find out some things that we might be able to benefit from, even in the future it will be even cooler.

Especially to know the Salaries of Garena Free Fire (FF) workers, because this really makes us more curious and you have to know about it. Even though we don’t have a relationship with all of us, maybe curiosity will still arise until now.

Garena Free Fire (FF) Workers Salary

Garena Free Fire (FF) Workers Salary

You may know that Garena’s income is more than 26.3 trillion Rupiah, but that’s just Garena’s income or salary first. For Hajj workers who are always present as the key to the success of published games, they have different levels or nominal salaries.

The salaries that the workers will get are indeed varied, you may be curious if their salary actually depends on the position. Yup, for example like ordinary staff and workers who can get up to 2 – 3 million for their salary, but it could be less than estimated.

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Then for parts that deal with important people such as designers, program managers and important technicians, it can be 4-5 million. But this is still only in the form of predictions, we don’t know what they actually get when they are on duty.

Then for the part related to Development in Indonesia now, their estimated salary could be up to 7 million more. But it depends on what position they are in, what game they are developing and what it looks like now.

Well maybe if it is calculated in total too, Garena can provide a fairly high total for each of its employees as well. Moreover, for the highest placement, the salary can be up to 12 million, but of course the work is higher and more complicated.

Each position of workers in the Garena Free Fire company also has a different place, there are also those who fix bugs in the game. They made significant improvements and reported the problem to the Center.

To get that much salary too, they have to work hard and get a lot of extra bonuses, if their performance is really good.

Maybe if Garena is currently opening vacancies, you can’t hurt to follow or try to register there. But remember that to do all the tasks well and not carelessly.

The income from the Free Fire game is indeed a lot and maybe the workers from Garena have quite a variety of salaries. Maybe some of the information about the salary, which is a ridiculous estimate, could change, because every year Garena’s development is always good.

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Maybe later you will find out more for sure, if there are leaks related to things like this right now.

After knowing the Garena Free Fire (FF) Worker Salary, maybe those of you who have this skill are interested in working there. Because the job position also depends on your own expertise, it will also be chosen from there.

Now, let’s find out how to get the Sonictroop Bassrock Free Fire Bundle, one of the coolest items that is available now. Maybe the gifts that you will have later on your character will look cooler and easily attract the attention of the enemy because they are cool.

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