G ARSY Surprises Match 3 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2

It was quite surprising because in the third match, G ARSY got Booyah. Actually, it’s not because G ARSY Surprises Match 3 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2, but indeed in the last zone the match was very fierce.

Actually, from the last few minutes, NESC has benefited more. They are in the zone and also on the hill. Meanwhile Bigetron and G ARSY had to be forced to climb here. But NESC also made a blunder which was too lustful.

NESC didn’t hold their ground and instead went straight down after Bigetron’s players and flattened them out. This is also used by G ARSY who play very safe and smart, they only need to sweep very quickly.

G ARSY played really smart this time and getting Booyah points wasn’t so bad. Even though currently Bigetron is still at the top of the standings because they are very aggressive when playing and continue to harvest kills.

But this is a good start for G ARSY and maybe in the future they will continue to play patiently and smartly. Because the consistency of kill and Booyah will be important this time which can be a winning factor.

For other teams, take it easy, it’s still half a day for them. There are still some matches that they have to harvest points for and of course they have to maximize the second day even though this time G ARSY Surprises Match 3 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2.

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