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Hits counter is a tool used to count how many visitors there are on the website. In the previous article I have also shared a simple PHP code to create hits counter. There are 2 kinds of visitor calculations, namely hits and hosts. Hits to count all visitors on each page they go to, while the host only counts once per IP used by the visitor. Hosts are more often referred to as unique visitors.

Maybe if you ever know a website that displays visitor counter in the form of an image, there is a possibility that the website uses a hits counter site. If you are a website owner, surely you know the site hisstats or Statcounter. Both websites are the most widely used hits counter providers by the public. But not only that site that only provides a tool to count visitors, there are even many more sites like that and even better, there are several hits counter sites that do not require registration and are immediately given an HTML code that is ready to use. Want to know all the sites?? Please see below. ️

List of Hits Counter websites

A lot isn’t it? All of the above hits counter sites have been around for a long time and have stable servers to display hits counter images. It is enough to just choose the site that you are interested in, and in my opinion, of the many hit counter sites above, you can save information hits/host/useragent and others the best are Histats. Not that only hisstats are good, but all of them are also good, it’s just that in their features, Histats is superior.

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In the various hits counter sites above, which can be used without registration, you only need to include the website URL and choose a banner to use to display the total hits counter. By using the hits counter feature, will not affect SEO, and for WordPress users, I have also shared a plugin to easily count visitors for each article, please search in the column provided.

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