Free Fire x Attack on Titan Collaboration When? Here’s the answer

A wait that has been awaited by FF players in the country, the collaboration of Attack on Titan and Free Fire will soon be here.

As previously rumored, this collaboration will be held in March 2021, and now it is already into that month. Then what date is this FF x Attack on Titan collaboration?

Before going deeper, we would like to convey an important information, especially for Free Fire and AOT players.

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In welcoming the collaboration, the Free Fire World YouTube Channel released a teaser video showing a number of scenes between Free Fire and Attack on Titan.

Yes, although this video does not provide details regarding collaboration, this teaser invites players to Fight for Humanity which is the main story theme of AOT itself.

In addition, you can look again at the top left of the teaser video, there is an inscription “Ataque a los Titanes, 27 Mar

The question is, what is the meaning of the text?

Release date?

Yes, it could be that this FF x AOT collaboration will be released on March 27. Given that Garena itself announced that the collaboration will take place in March 2021.

What attracted our attention to the video was that there was an inscription taken from Spanish, namely “Ataque a los Titanes”, if translated into Indonesian “Attack the giants”. And it is possible that the date will be released for the South American region.

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However, we can’t confirm the news yet, because this is just a leak or our opinion. So, to make sure that it’s true or not, we’ll just have to wait for further news from Garena’s side directly.

However, the most important thing is that the Free Fire x Attack on Titan collaboration will be held in March 2021.

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