Free Fire Max Indonesia (FF) Pre-Register Milestone Prize

So now we can know the Free Fire Max Indonesia (FF) Pre-Register Milestone Prize, one of the things we are most waiting for. If you want to get a gift like this, maybe you should also know the prize and also how to do it slowly for now.

Make the most of your time to do this as best you can, because you might later receive cool prizes. Surely all of this will provide some great things, can even add a lot to the collection to play later as well.

Especially for now, you may know how to follow the Free Fire Max Pre-Registration, but it turns out that this is the prefix method from the Playstore. But there are also other ways that we can do, through the Web that can get quite a lot of prizes at this time.

If you know this, maybe we can get the Free Fire Max Indonesia (FF) Milestone Pre-Register Prize. Everything will not be missed, it even feels easier, if you get a prize which of course is a lot in total.

Free Fire Max Indonesia (FF) Pre-Register Milestone Prize

The Pre Register that happened for this Free Fire Max game, has finally entered the Indonesian Server and you should try it. Even the fun of it, might give a lot of prizes like the Milestones that we know today.

There are several stages first that you might have to pay attention to, then you can get a prize. Because the following is a list of Prizes according to Milestone or the total that you can have after all of them are finished.

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Max Raychaser Face Paint Female: 400K Players Pre Register

Gold Royale 2 Tickets: 800K Players Pre Register

Max Raychaser Pants: 1.2 Million Players Pre Register

Cyber ​​Max Surfboard: 1.6 Million Player Pre Register

Max Raychaser Head: 2 Million Player Pre Register

If you want to know, the prizes that are present in the Milestone are Pre Register via the Web. You have to be prepared and don’t miss this opportunity, so you can get prizes that are still piling up later.

We can get this prize later and you will receive all these prizes after this event ends. No one knows when the event will end, but the most important thing is to pre-register first so you don’t miss this prize.

You may also have to know how to pre-register via the web, so that in the future there will be no prizes that we can’t miss at all.

How to Pre-Register Free Fire Max Indonesia Via the Web

  1. You must first access the following link
  2. After entering the website, you must first login using several choices of social media accounts.
  3. Make sure that the account is directly connected to your Free Fire game.
  4. You will later find the words Pre Register Now.
  5. Just press it and later you have to complete some conditions first on the Pre Register this time.
  6. After doing so, then we can get the Milestone Prize this time,
  7. The prize will go directly to your Ingame Mail or Backpack.

So that’s if you have seen the prize and want to get it right now. Because every gift that we can get this time, is indeed quite good and probably won’t hurt at all for you to get later.

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After knowing the Free Fire Max Indonesia (FF) Pre-Register Milestone Prize, maybe you will be interested and like it too. Maybe this is one of the Milestones that you need to complete together, because there are a lot of 2 Million Players.

Then you first know the Latest Free Fire Max Game Specifications, so that later your cellphone is strong to run this game. Not only that, because there are still several options that you might have to try right now.

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