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So now there is a Free Fire (FF) Special Booyah APK Event, where you will have to watch the livestream to join in.

Of course, with the presence of an event like this, all players who have the APK can of course immediately get the prize.

Especially with the presence of several other new events in the Free Fire game now, surely something like that will make you get lots of prizes.

Because indeed with the new event that is present now, it will indeed make you more interested in playing the game.

Especially for now there are also several Free Fire x Street Fighter Collaboration Event Schedules, to make things even better.

That way the match will become more exciting, because we are fighting to get a lot of prizes in this event.

Then a Special Booyah Free Fire (FF) APK Event appeared, of course, things like this you shouldn’t miss later.

Curious? Check out the new event in the article below.

Free Fire (FF) Special Booyah APK Event

You could say that the events that are present in this Free Fire game can’t be related to other APKs, right?

But this is different, where players are using an APK called Booyah now.

Yup, as we know APK Booyah is Garena’s official Platform, for Content Creators in the profitable Free Fire game.

Of course, in the event, you will get a lot of total items and attractive prizes to be used by all of them right now.

Moreover, for the issue of the Special Booyah APK, it is already known by many people and a lot of people have used it.

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You also have to know that if there is a big Tournament for this Free Fire game, you can directly view it from the APK to get cool prizes.

Because in the event presented at APK Booyah, we will receive the biggest main prize, Diamond.

You just need to watch the Live Stream or join to be part of the APK, then the prize will be sent immediately later.

If I’m not mistaken when you want to log in, you have to use Social Media that is connected to the Free Fire game, so prizes can be sent.

How to participate in this event, it’s very easy.

  1. You first install the APK on the Play Store or App Store
  2. After that, you enter the Booyah APK and make sure you log in using an account or register using an email that is related to Free Fire.
  3. If you are already in the Apk, you can link or enter Settings to make sure it is connected to Free Fire.
  4. Then you will find people who are Live Stream, to be able to receive gifts with certain conditions.
  5. Usually, you have to watch a few minutes first, then you can claim the prize in the APK.
  6. But you also have to follow the streamer first, to be able to claim this prize later.
  7. In addition, there is now also a Special Event coming from Garena, so there will be more prizes to be won.

While this event still exists, of course, those of you who like and are curious can try it right away.

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With prizes like that too, there will definitely be many parts and benefits that you can all take advantage of.

How? Interested in joining this new event?

After knowing the Free Fire (FF) Special Booyah APK Event, maybe from there you will have a great opportunity to become a streamer.

Because this Booyah APK also provides an opportunity for all of you, for those who want to become a Free Fire game streamer.

Moreover, later you will know how it feels, How to Create a Cool Account on Free Fire so that many will like you later.

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