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A high rank is one of its own advantages in the eyes of Free Fire (FF) players. With the highest rank, of course, it will make other players afraid and also reluctant to you.

In addition, if we are in a high Rank position, it will be a matter of pride compared to other players. Therefore, there are many players who are constantly trying to get a high rank.

All players also use various ways to get the desire to become the highest rank. Usually, players do push rank at the beginning of the Season reset to improve faster and continue to the highest rank.

Not a few players choose to take a short break after the Season reset and also raise their Rank again in the middle of this Season. With the items and special features in Free Fire, it is used to smoothly go to the highest rank.

In this Free Fire game there are also cards that can be used to push rank to make it easier of course.

So what exactly is this card in question? Let’s discuss further!

Double RP Card

For those of you who are old players from Free Fire, of course you are already familiar with this Double RP Card. You can usually get this card through the Redeem page in the Shop.

Players can also exchange this card for the Rank Token that you have. By having a Double RP Card, it will be much easier for you to get to the rank you want.

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These players can also go up to the highest Free Fire Rank faster because of these cards. Usually, the card will give 2x Point Rank which will make it easier for those of you who are doing it push rank.

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No RP Drop Card

Not only Double RP Card, Free Fire also has a No RP Drop Card which has other functions that can make you more enthusiastic when you are push rank. You can use this card to prevent the reduction in your Point Rank.

Later, when you are push rank, you also will not experience a reduction in Rank Point even though you are toooon.

So how? Are you interested in having these two magic cards? You will find it easier when you want to do it push rank without having to be dizzy and also afraid of toooon.

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You can also get these two cards easily in this Free Fire game.

That was the information we could convey about 2 Magic Cards that you can use to do Push Rank calmly without having to be confused.

We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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