Forced to Share FF Drop Zone with Enemies? Here’s What You Can Do!

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Battle Royale modes such as Classic and Ranked modes always present exciting battles that show skills and survival skills that directly involve all Free Fire players.

It is very possible if every game plan that has been prepared does not run smoothly because it has to intersect with other players as enemies. One example of things that often intersect is the Drop Zone being visited by other players or enemies.

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If Spbat Booyah’s Drop Zone is also filled with other teams and forces you to share places, there are several things you can do, to repulse the enemy and take control of the place, or secure the team’s objectives, depending on Buddy Booyah’s choice.

Buddy Booyah curious about the tips? Let’s just look at the series of tips in the following review!

Do Split Position

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The first thing you can do after finding out that there are enemies that are both down in your Drop Zone is to divide your position and immediately target a certain part. Doing a Split Position aims to widen the perimeter that your team controls while narrowing the enemy’s loot area.

That way, some players can boot completely, and the rest can boot while watching the enemy’s movements and applying pressure, so the enemy doesn’t get close. However, make sure you stay alert and don’t get kidnapped by the enemy.

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Prioritize Loot Instead of Fight Early

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Buddy Booyah must prioritize looting first. Do not be provoked by lust to directly hit the enemy. Because, your team doesn’t know anything about the quality of resources or the preparation of the enemy team’s setup.

To avoid unwanted things, it’s a good idea for Buddy Booyah to be patient and wait for the right moment, while looting to all places that your team controls calmly and staying alert if the enemy suddenly attacks.

Aim for the Most Vulnerable Enemy Positions

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Enemies who notice that there are other players around will also speed up looting and make preparations. At this moment, there may be players whose positions are separated. If it feels ready, Buddy Boooyah can target enemies who are separated from their teammates and attack quickly.

At this moment, several possibilities can occur. First, the enemy will be repulsed and leave the location, or another possibility will occur close-combat with Buddy Booyah’s team. At this moment, a high level of vigilance is required so that enemy attacks can be anticipated.

Secure Objective

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Finally, Buddy Booyah can choose to give in and withdraw from your Drop Zone if unfavorable conditions occur, for example the enemy controls more territory, the position is very difficult, or does not get adequate resources. If that happens, shift to another area to secure the objective and avoid too soon.

Later you can cut the enemy’s rotation path and then finish him off. If successful, you will get many benefits in terms of resources, and will make you stronger until the Late Game.

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Those are some things you can do if the place that is usually used as a Drop Zone is visited by another team. Do Buddy Booyah have their own way of treating guests who visit your own home?

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