First Day Standings for PMNC Group B Playoffs 2021

In this paper, we will provide information regarding the provisional results of the first day of the PMNC 2021 Playoff Group B standings.

PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) Indonesia 2021 is the opening tournament for the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) ID Season 4.

PMNC is the new name for PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship (PINC) and will replace PMCO in Indonesia for the 2021 Fall Split.

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PMNC 2021 Group B Playoffs First Day Standings

Yesterday, Saturday (03/07) the first day of the PMNC 2021 Group B Playoff round took place. Seven of the sixteen teams entered the safety zone of the first day’s standings.

Previously, PMNC 2021 had held a Group A Playoff round match for two match days. As a result, there are 7 teams that qualify and will compete in the upcoming Grand Final.

In accordance with the tournament format, the other 7 teams that will participate in tomorrow’s final are from the PMNC 2021 Group B Playoffs.

The PMNC 2021 Group B Playoffs will take place over two match days, namely on 3-4 July 2021. There will be 12 rounds that will bring together the 16 teams in the Group B Playoffs.

The first day’s match took place last night, as a result, Erdita OG managed to lead the temporary standings. The PMNC qualification team is in first place with a total of 90 points.

Teams from the PMNC qualifiers dominated the game in this Group B Playoff round. ACS Esports, LXB, BCS Team, and Nero Team entered the top seven in the standings on the first day.

Meanwhile, the team from ex-PMPL that made it into the top seven of the standings on the first day was only the Morph Team. They are also in seventh place with 46 points.

Another interesting fact is the West PMNC Kep solo team. Bangka Belitung made it into the top seven. Precisely in fourth position with a total of 56 points. If this team manages to maintain its position, they can advance to the final round.

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That’s the provisional standings from the Group B Playoffs on the first day of PMNC 2021. The match to determine the second day of the Playoffs will take place this afternoon.

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