FFML Season IV Division 2 Pot Distribution, EVOS and AURA One Pot!

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On August 18 tomorrow, Wednesday, the Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season IV Division 2 will start soon. There will be 18 semi-pro teams who are ready to fight for the championship and win promotion rights to division 1 in the next FFML Season.

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Do Buddy Booyah want to know the pot distribution in FFML Season IV Division 2 tomorrow? If yes, Buddy Booyah, you must see the discussion below!

FFML Season IV Division 2 Pot Distribution!

FFML Season IV Division 2 this time fought 18 teams in 3 different pots. There are 8 new challengers who will play in the division 2 league this time.

Three of them are the second team from three esports organizations to play in FFML Season IV Division 1, and cannot get promotion rights to division 1 in FFML the following season.

And for the distribution of the pot, Buddy Booyah can see below!

Pots A:

  1. 69 Esports
  2. BOOM Esports
  3. God of United Esports
  4. Madura Prime Esports
  6. West Bandits Esports

Pots B:

  1. AURA Ignis
  2. EVOS Immortal
  3. GIANT Esports
  4. Monochrome MORPH
  5. Rosugo Veda
  6. The Pillars Gladius

Pots C:

  1. Bigetron Bit
  2. ECHO Esports
  6. Tangcity Esports

From the pot distribution above, it looks like the pot B team battle will be a very interesting spectacle. There are eternal rivals, namely AURA Ignis and EVOS Immortal who both want to win pot B.

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However, the match between pot A and pot C is no less exciting. There’s NESC ESPORTS which contains Wawan and his friends who are back to be competitive again in the Free Fire major tournament, and there’s the inaugural match of 5 new teams consisting of community players in all three FFML Season IV Division 2 pots!

According to Buddy Booyah, who will come out as the winner from the fierce competition of FFML Season IV Division 2?

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