Fatal Mistakes Using Flashbangs Free Fire (FF) Players Should Avoid!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Flashbang is one of the Grenades items found in Free Fire. This item is able to provide a flash effect that blinds the player’s view. The existence of Flashbang is quite isolated, because it cannot deal damage to enemies.

However, the Flashbang ability is actually very effective as an item of distraction and surprise attacks that can confuse the enemy’s view, and make attacks unable to be blocked perfectly.

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In order for its use to be fruitful, there are some mistakes in using Flashbang that players should avoid. Listen and understand the errors in question through the following explanation!

Origin of Throwing Flashbang

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Being in the shadow of Grenades makes Flashbang quite isolated. This also affects the way players use this item, one of which is just throwing it.

This is a fatal error. Buddy Booyah has wasted precious time just throwing a random Flashbang. Get used to using Flashbangs and other Grenades items in a proper way.

Flashbangs that are thrown carelessly can bounce and will blind your own view. The worst result, Buddy Booyah could just be killed by the enemy without being able to provide the slightest resistance.

Not Using the Cooking Grenade Feature

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The time of the Flashbang explosion can also be set using the Grenade cook feature. However, most players ignore it and consider the grenade cooking feature only for grenades

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Just like using Grenades, the effectiveness of the Flashbang will also increase when used with the grenade cooking feature. The closer the enemy is to the Flashbang blast area, the longer the blind effect will be.

This way Buddy Booyah has enough time to attack with Spam Grenades, or transition quickly to rush the enemy, so the enemy will be easier to kill.

Using a Flashbang at the Wrong Moment

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This is one of the bad habits that many Free Fire players do. The use of Flashbang also requires special attention at certain moments so that Flashbang does not become a Boomerang for yourself.

Avoid wasting time using Flashbang at crucial moments, for example when panicking and being pressed when attacked by the enemy and in the midst of a battle with the enemy team.

It would be wise if Flashbang is used before initiating an attack, when trying to rush an enemy, or when forcing an enemy to get out of their defensive area.

Well, those are some fatal mistakes in using Flashbang that Buddy Booyah should avoid. With proper use, Flashbang is ready to help you kill enemies very easily!

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