Faded Wheel FF, There’s a Mythos Fist Free Fire Boxing Skin!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

The Faded Wheel has been adorning Luck Royale Free Fire for a long time. Like most Luck Royale, Buddy Booyah is required to do a Spin to be able to get the desired prize.

The latest, Faded Wheel FF will return to Free Fire with different prizes. After a while ago we had the Frost Sabertooth bundle which is a bundle from the Rampage: New Dawn event, soon there will be an FF boxing skin!

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The FF boxing skin is Mythos Fist. How about Buddy Booyah who is impatient with how to get it, let’s just look at the following review!

Faded Wheel FF Skin Boxing Mythos Fist Free Fire

Mythos Fist is a boxing skin that is present in the Rampage: New Dawn Free Fire theme and can be obtained by Buddy Booyah through Faded Wheel FF starting on July 4, 2021.

In this Faded Wheel, as usual, Buddy Booyah is required to do a Spin to get the main prize. However, previously Buddy Booyah could delete 2 previously unwanted prizes to get the main prize faster.

The price of the Faded Wheel Free Fire Spin is 9 Diamonds and will increase as the number of Spins increases. This means, Buddy Booyah can get this Mythos Fist boxing skin for 9 Diamonds if you are lucky!

You could say this Mythos Fist boxing skin has an attractive appearance. Buddy Booyah will get a boxing effect that reaches up to the elbow. What’s more, this Mythos Fist boxing skin also has a pretty striking color.

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How, Buddy Booyah can’t wait to get the FF Mythos Fist boxing skin on Free Fire? Don’t miss the event through the Faded Wheel which will be available starting July 4, 2021!

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