EVOS Kings Kalahari Booyah 5 FFML Season IV Division 1 – Match Day 3

In the end, EVOS’s aggressive play paid off very sweetly. By playing very fiercely, they finally won the fifth game nicely.

A few games ago, EVOS played quite aggressively, it’s just that there were a few blunders and bad luck. But this fifth game looks like a good game.

Even though EVOS on fire was a bit late, at least they got some points. Actually, their kills are enough to cover the positive points, but of course they want the best results.

The team that just won the best Free Fire team award this year certainly has big ambitions. FFML must also be their target.

Even against many strong teams, EVOS still provides their very sharp fangs. The fifth game saw those who played very solidly.

The fifth game closed with an excellent EVOS play. Not only points from Booyah because EVOS also won some sweet kills.

The next final game will probably make the teams more aggressive and try to close the day with lots of points. Not only EVOS certainly wants to win,

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