EVOS Booyah Due to Zone Again in Match 6 Day 1 FFML S4 Division 2

No kidding, EVOS’s position is always beautiful. The reason is, EVOS Booyah because the zone is again in Match 6 Day 1 FFML S4 Division 2 and this time the victim is Rasugo who is in a very poor position.

The last zone is bada on the bridge and as usual, the last zone on the bridge will separate the two teams. EVOS is below and Rasugo is above, unfortunately this zone is slightly deviated towards the outside of EVOS. Which Rasugo’s bag would be really bad for.

To close the first day, EVOS managed to win the last two Booyah and of course with lots of kills. These high points are very profitable for EVOS and as a first day can be a very sweet thing.

But it’s not just EVOS that’s playing sweet today. Dewa, BOOM, and The Pillars are also very good. They managed to play very consistently and continue to deliver very positive results. Rasugo also needs to be appreciated.

For Aura maybe they weren’t hot on the first day. With a rather disappointing performance, there is still a very big chance for Aura to become the best team this season. The same applies to other teams.

EVOS is brilliant thanks to their excellent playing. By successfully taking advantage of their exquisite positioning and the high mechanics of the players this combination is a very good thing in this competition.

You could say EVOS Booyah because the Zone Again in Match 6 Day 1 FFML S4 Division 2 was not a mere coincidence. They play smart using the existing zone. Other teams must be able to fight this EVOS strategy.

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