Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian, the Strongest XM8 Skin in Free Fire (FF)?

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Right on August 8, 2021, Free Fire officially released the sixth Evo Gun. With a lightning theme, you can get the Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian through a spin on the Faded Wheel.

XM8 Destiny Guardian is the most awaited new Evo Gun. Not only because in terms of strength, XM8 Destiny Guardian is also eagerly awaited because there are special executive emotes and other cool effects.

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But even though it offers benefits What’s tempting, how strong is this Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian? Is it strong? Or is it not? Let’s see the discussion from the following Booyah News!

Destiny Guardian FF’s Evo Gun XM8 stats!

The Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian features a sophisticated themed design and thunderbolts in blue. Having a very cool and attractive appearance, XM8 Destiny Guardian has 3 times increased stats.

Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian stats at level 1:

  • Damage(+)
  • Rate of Fire(+)
  • Reload Speed(––)

Up to level 2, Destiny Guardian’s Evo Gun XM8 stats will be increased to:

  • Damage(+)
  • Rate of Fire(+)
  • Reload Speed(–)

Then at level 4, the top and strongest stats from the Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian will be unlocked. Namely by increasing:

  • Damage(++)
  • Rate of Fire(+)
  • Reload Speed(–)

And at level 6, the Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian will get abilities additional special. That is, it can increase damage when shooting at the enemy from high ground.

Is Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian the Strongest XM8 Skin in Free Fire?

At max level, XM8 Destiny Guardian has 2 times increase damage. Enhancement damage this is very useful and makes XM8 even more deadly. It only takes a few shots, the enemy will die under the XM8 Destiny Guardian attack.

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Then upgrade rate of fire, really make XM8 Destiny Guardian become skin deadly. Especially with an additional 10% buff rate of fire that XM8 received on updates Last August, for this AR weapon, it would launch bullets with lightning.

And for stat reduction reload speed, can still be overcome by using attachments double magazine that can increase speed reload weapon.

So, is the Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian a skin The strongest XM8 in Free Fire? The answer is yes! However, with a note that Buddy Booyah’s XM8 Destiny Guardian has reached the maximum level, or at least has opened level 4 where the maximum stats of XM8 Destiny Guardian have been unlocked.

So if Buddy Booyah has an Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian level 1 or up to 3, Buddy Booyah is better off using skin XM8 Fiery Pumpkin with boost stats rate of fire as well as accuracy, and reduction reload speed.

Or Buddy Booyah can also use skin XM8 Sinister Pumpkin which has stats increasing armor penetration as well range, and subtraction movement speed.

What do you think, Buddy Booyah? Do Buddy Booyah agree with the answer above? Or Buddy Booyah have another opinion about the strength of this Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian?

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