Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian FF’s Appearance and Statistics Leaked!

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Free Fire is one of the battle royale game which provides various types of weapons that players can use to fight. And to add to the power of each weapon, Free Fire released gun skins which can be obtained by the players to increase the power of weapons.

Besides gun skins, Free Fire also released Evo Gun FF which has a stat increase that overpower and various benefits that can be obtained such as emotes through Evo Gun.

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And recently, Free Fire will bring the latest Evo Gun. With a lightning theme, Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian FF will be released on Free Fire soon! Are Buddy Booyah curious about the attributes or statistics that will be brought by XM8 Destiny Guardian FF later? If so, let’s see the discussion below!

Attribute Leaks and Appearance of the Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian FF!

Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian lowest level view

The Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian has a cool, detailed appearance. The dominance of the blue color that emits lightning, gold, and white effects makes the appearance of the Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian very cool and overpower.

As with other Evo Guns, XM8 Destiny Guardian Free Fire (FF) has 2 stats reduction points at level 1 or first, namely:

  • Damage(+)
  • Rate of Fire(+)
  • Reload Speed(––)
The second evolution of the Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian FF

Then go up to level 2, stats reduction reload speed will be reduced to 1 point only. After that, the XM8 Destiny Guardian stats will be increased back to level 4.

  • Damage (++)
  • Rate of Fire (+)
  • Reload Speed ​​(–)
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After that, abilities additional XM8 Destiny Guardian will open at level 6. Different from other Evo Guns, XM8 Destiny Guardian has additional abilities, namely increase damage every shoot the enemy from high ground.

Top view of Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian FF

XM8 Destiny Guardian itself has 7 level ups. At the maximum level, Buddy Booyah will get special exclusive emotes like other Evo Guns.

What do you think about the leaked statistics from the Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian on the upcoming Free Fire? is overpower?

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