Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian FF Can Be Owned on the Latest Faded Wheel!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Evo Gun, you could say, is a pretty interesting item in Free Fire. How not, as the name suggests, the Evo Gun can change its appearance depending on how many levels of Evo Gun Buddy Booyah have.

Good news for Buddy Booyah who is waiting for the arrival of the new Evo Gun on Free Fire. XM8 Destiny Guardian FF, the newest Evo Gun on Free Fire will be coming soon in the latest Faded Wheel!

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Curious how to get XM8 Destiny Guardian FF and what does the newest Evo Gun look like in Free Fire? The following is Booyah News which has a complete review especially for Booyah Buddies!

XM8 Destiny Guardian FF Faded Wheel Free Fire

Faded Wheel, is one of the Luck Royale found in Free Fire. Faded Wheel is one of the Luck Royale that is quite attractive because there is a maximum limit of Diamond issued.

Will be present starting on August 8, 2021, You can get the Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian FF through this Faded Wheel event. Before doing the Spin, Buddy Booyah will be required to remove 2 unwanted gifts to be able to get an Evo Gun at a cheaper price.

The first price of the Spin Faded Wheel is 9 Diamonds. This means, if you are lucky, Buddy Booyah can get the latest Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian FF for only 9 Diamonds.

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Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian FF is the sixth Evo Gun in Free Fire. Like other Evo Guns, Buddy Booyah is required toupgrade existing levels to get all the advantages.

At max level or level 7, XM8 Destiny Guardian FF has the following stats:

  • Damage(++)
  • Rate of Fire(+)
  • Reload Speed(-)

How about Buddy Booyah himself with XM8 Destiny Guardian FF? Are you interested in owning and completing your Evo Gun collection on Free Fire?

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