Enemy Bots in PUBG Mobile: Characteristics and How to Find Them

Feels easy to kill enemies to get a large number of kills? Not necessarily your opponent is a player, it could be that your enemy is a bot enemy.

Enemy bots in PUBG Mobile are complementary to meet the lack of players. This bot enemy can be an advantage for players to increase the number of kills and get good weapons. What are the characteristics of the existence of these bots? Therefore, we will reveal about bot enemies in PUBG Mobile.

Enemy Characteristics Are Bots

1. Always trailing while running

Enemy bots trailing players
Source: pubattlegroundstips.com

Actually this bot enemy is not as active as other players. They usually appear suddenly. However, when you’re running and find an enemy trailing behind, it could be a bot.

The characteristics of the enemy behind you are bots, namely bots that will continue to follow you until you stop running. Players will usually shoot their opponents when they find an enemy running in front of them within a range that allows them to shoot.

However, the bot will continue to run after it even at a distance that allows it to shoot its enemy.

2. How to shoot bots

How to shoot bots
Source: redbull.com

When dealing with enemies at close range, players shoot in a spray so the opponent will be easy knock or they can die right away. However, bots have a different way of shooting than players at close range.

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The way the bot shoots is by single or fire one bullet at a time. Bots also have aim which is good at the start so that his first shot doesn’t miss. However, the next shot has aim that sucks.

If you find an enemy by shooting like that, it’s probably a bot. However, watch out for these traits. If there is a gunshot and it is not known where the enemy is, it could be a player hiding in a building. Other players can use shots single to lure the enemy.

3. Where bots appear

Where bots appear
Source: inet.detik.com

Usually, bots will appear in unexpected places. In fact, when you go down in a remote place where there are no enemies at all, then you find an enemy approaching you, it is certain that the enemy is a bot.

Bots not only appear in lonely and remote locations, but can also appear suddenly around you. One of them is that bots can be behind and follow you while running.

4. The attitude of the bot when shot

PUBG mobile bot enemy attitude
Source: GGWP.id

All bots have the same response when shot. They tend to seek shelter when shot. If it is far from trees and rocks, the bot will lie down in the grass.

On the other hand, if you are close to trees and rocks, the bot will immediately take shelter in trees and rocks. This response can also be owned by the player. However, the bot’s movements are stiffer and seem confused when they are shot.

5. Bots can’t use vehicles

Bots don't ride PUBG Mobile
Source: bisadroid.com

One of the characteristics of bot enemies is that they cannot use vehicles. They were designed to find nearby players, approach, and shoot them. However, they searched for players by simply jogging while holding weapons.

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Therefore, be careful if you find an enemy whose attitude is like a bot, but the enemy can use a vehicle. The enemy is definitely not a bot.

How to Find Bot Enemies

As already said that enemy bots appear suddenly. We can’t predict their presence. However, if you want to find bot enemies, you can follow the following methods.

1. Drop off in a remote and deserted location from enemies

Drop off at a remote location of PUBG Mobile
Source: imore.com

As said earlier that remote locations can contain bots. Therefore, if you want to find bots, try to get off in a remote and quiet location from enemies.

To find out the quiet location of the enemy, usually the location has only a few buildings. This location with a few buildings allows you to meet bots.

2. Shooting bullets

Shooting PUBG Mobile bullets
Source: amp.adop.cc

Firing bullets may allow you to run into bots. The bot will approach the gunshot and you can finish it off.

However, for this method you need to be careful. Because it could be that those who approach you are not bot enemies, but other players.

3. Play classic FPP mode

PUBG Mobile FPP classic mode
Source: indoesports.com

In the PUBG Mobile game, there are two choices of modes, namely TPP (Third Person Perspective) and FPP (First Person Perspective). Between the two modes, the FPP mode allows you to meet more bot enemies.

This FPP mode is rarely used by players because players prefer TPP mode over FPP mode. So, your chances of meeting bot enemies are bigger and more numerous than in TPP mode.

4. The last plunge

PUBG Mobile's last dive
Source: pubgmobile.gcube.id

The last plunge or being lowered yourself from the plane is one that allows you to meet bot enemies. In fact, not only did you encounter bot enemies, but other players who were silent because disconnect.

Although this method has the opportunity to meet bot enemies, you also need to be careful. If you jump last or get off the plane yourself in a location with lots of buildings, you will find several other players who jumped last to land at that location.

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5. Change server

Change PUBG Mobile server
Source: reddit.com

In the PUBG Mobile game, there are several server options. Usually, Indonesian players will get a server by default, namely the Asian server.

However, you can replace it with another server if you want to meet more bot enemies, whether it’s the KRJP server or South America.

When compared between Asian servers and other servers, the chances of getting bots on Asian servers are smaller than other servers because Asian servers are the servers that are most chosen by players.

6. Use low rank

PUBG Mobile low rank
Source: esportsku.com

In the PUBG Mobile game, there are 8 ranks, namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, Conqueror. Bronze is the lowest rank that allows you to find bigger bot enemies.

In fact, this Bronze rank has a great chance of obtaining chicken dinner easier, because all the enemies you face are bots. Therefore, Bronze rank is best for finding bots easier and can take you up to chicken dinner very easily.

That’s the discussion about the bot enemies in PUBG Mobile. Believe it or not, you can try the methods we’ve discussed to find enemy bots. Good luck!

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