End of August, Free Fire (FF) Banned 900,000 Accounts!

End of August, Free Fire (FF) Banned 900,000 Accounts!

Free Fire Indonesia’s social media account has uploaded a post showing that nearly 900,000 Free Fire (FF) accounts have been banned.

These accounts are banned for using cheat programs or illegal applications.

Below is the percentage of cheat modifications used:

Percentage of cheat types used by FF players at the end of August 2021 (Source: Garena)

  • 69.7% Auto-Aim (Headshot)

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Players caught playing with cheaters also received a punishment from Garena in the form of demotion to Bronze I.

The war between Free Fire and cheaters has been going on for so long, and Garena’s side again reminds players not to try their unofficial applications.

“We also hope and want to remind all Survivors not to log into Free Fire using unlicensed applications and not to take advantage of bugs in the In-game. Please continue to report cheaters via the in-game reporting function.”

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That’s all you need to know about the 900,000 FF accounts that have been permanently banned at the end of August 2021.

Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube we.

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