Enabling One-Handed Mode on Samsung Phones

Enabling One-Handed Mode on Samsung Phones

As technology develops, now many mobile phones have large screens. Of course, with a large cellphone screen, it will be difficult when using one hand to use it. But some phones now have the One Hand Mode feature, which is very helpful in controlling the phone.

One Hand Mode is not available for all Android phones, but this feature can be used for all Samsung phones that have used ROM One UI. Not only on Samsung, in fact one-handed mode is also available on several cellphones such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, Oneplus, and others.

If you don’t know what one-handed mode is, it’s a feature to shrink the screen so that users can use one hand (thumb) to freely reach everything. It is perfect for use when you use a cellphone with a size of 6 inches.

How to Enable One-Handed Mode on Samsung

As the title suggests, this tutorial will only be aimed at HP or Samsung phones. And make sure that your Samsung phone is currently using One UI or Experience UI to be able to enjoy this feature.

  1. Please log in to Arrangement

  2. Scroll down and tap menu Advanced Features

    Tap Advanced Features

  3. Now go to the menu Movements and Gestures

    Towards Movement and Gesture

  4. Activate on features One Hand Mode

    Activate the One-Handed Mode Feature

How to Operate One-Handed Mode?

When the feature is activated as above, there are two ways to display the one-handed mode on the screen. However, default, it’s already set up as a motion.

So to bring up this one-handed mode, you only need to swipe the screen with your thumb from the left/right corner to the middle of the screen. Then the screen will automatically turn smaller.

Operate One-Handed Mode with Gestures

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Besides using gestures, you can also set them as buttons. So to go to one-handed mode, you only need to tap the button home three times, and then the screen will turn smaller.

Operate One-Handed Mode with Button

And the screen size can also be customized as per convenience. To set it, please drag from the corner of the screen and then set how big the screen you want.

Customizing Screen Size in One-Handed Mode

If you have any questions about operating the one-handed mode, or perhaps want to add something, please share it in the comments section below.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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