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Facebook is one of the most popular social networks of all time. Which already has millions – millions of active users every day in various parts of the world. Facebook accounts are not only used to share information but also as a tool to strengthen relationships with relatives and the public. Besides that, there are still satisfying uses of facebook so that everyone can’t feel bored to see facebook every day.

Maybe active users on Facebook already know the shortcomings and annoying things that exist on the social network, so they don’t want to repeat the same incident. And until now, something that made people feel irritated was when facebook account locked just because of a trivial matter. Actually this is proof of Facebook’s love for the user to keep his account safe and secure.

There are many things that make the account locked suddenly. Suppose login from a different browser. For example, when you log in to Facebook for a long time using Opera Mini, then you don’t log out. And login again using UC Browser. Then it can be considered a type of account theft. Because the IP / Proxy addresses of the two browsers are different countries, this causes the account to be temporarily locked.

And how to solve it if the facebook account has been locked.? It’s actually very easy and requires a little patience to do it. The following is a procedure that can be tried or used as an experience when the account is temporarily locked. Please see below.!

  1. First of all Log in to facebook using a browser device that is often used. If there is writing Your account is temporarily locked, just click Continue.

  2. Then there will be a captcha (security code) please write it as in the picture. And click continue.

  3. After that, you will be brought to the option page to open a locked account. Sometimes there are 2 to 4 options selected. As Birthdate, Security Question, Guess a friend’s picture, and login using a browser used previously.

(WAY 1)

  1. If there is an option to allow login using the browser you normally use, please see the browser and log in using that browser. When you enter Facebook, you will immediately be asked to change your password and the problem is resolved.

(WAY 2)

  1. If there is no option like method 1, but there is an option choice of date of birth. Please select that option.

  2. When you choose this option, you will be immediately asked about your full date of birth, namely day, month and year. Please fill in according to the date of birth that is on the locked facebook account.

  3. After entering the correct date of birth, you will be taken directly to the change password page and after that the problem is resolved.

  4. Most likely this option is only found by facebook accounts that set the privacy date of birth privately. In other words it is not public, so no one knows except the owner.

(WAY 3)

  1. If the option in method 2 does not exist, then use option Security question. This option is very difficult for the forgetful and can’t try 1 to 2 times to try it until it’s right. For that I will share a safe way that can remember the security question many times

  2. First of all please go to facebook and click forgot password. Then look for your locked facebook account.

  3. Once there is a password recovery page, please click on the link “Don’t have access here anymore?” and will be taken to the page to enter a new email, please fill it with Email whatever.

  4. After that it will take you to the security question page. Please try many times the security question that you remember on the page because there is no limit to try.

  5. If successful, it will be taken to a page to change the password. Please ignore the page and immediately log back into the locked facebook account, and include the answer to the facebook question as it worked earlier. It will then be taken to a page to change the password and the problem is resolved.

(WAY 4)

  1. If option 3 is not available, then there is no other way to select the option Guess a friend’s photo. This method is quite difficult for those who have unknown friends, but don’t worry because there is a slightly easier way to guess correctly.

  2. Before choosing this option, you should log in using another Facebook account and go to the locked account profile. Please go to the menu Friend and memorize some friends who appear from more or less 20 lists. It’s enough to remember that there are photos of faces. Memorize it if you can remember it well.

  3. If you probably remember, please log out of the account and go back into the locked account and just select the option to guess a friend’s photo and do it well. The first picture list appearance was specifically for close friends who often like, comment, and inbox. And after that 20 pictures from friends who are often active, and finally random photos from all friends.

  4. To be able to pass this option, must guess the photo correctly at least 5 photos. After that it will be taken to the change password page and the problem is resolved.

It does take a lot of patience to be able to get back a locked account, especially if it can only be done in the 4th way, it’s only luck if you have 5 thousand friends. It should also be noted, that every time you do steps 2 to 4, don’t answer carelessly because there is a time limit. So if you answer incorrectly several times you will get a notification “Time limit exceeded or Hourly limit exceeded” next to the selection options. If you have received the message, you cannot select this option and have to wait for the next 12 hours.

All the steps above have become my experience. And until now my facebook account has never been locked again. Every year there is always a difference on Facebook, and it is possible that the above method may no longer be useful. But don’t worry, I will continue to monitor through the comments, whether some of the methods above can still be used or not. ️
My advice, never use the services of other people who want to open a locked Facebook account by asking for it email, password, and other important information. Because it’s just FRAUD.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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