Easy Ways to Download Images on Instagram

Download pictures on Instagram easily

Not only Facebook is used to share information, but Instagram is also a very trend nowadays and lots of people use this social media. Of the advantages that can be used specifically to share photo and video content, Instagram has its own style that can make each photo to be uploaded has a special filter, allowing users not to have a photo editing application and only use Instagram. Likewise with videos, you don’t need a video editor, but using Instagram can provide other effects such as lots of filters, but videos uploaded on Instagram are only limited to 15 seconds.

Believe it or not, if Instagram is opened on the website view, or can be said to be opened via a browser will not display existing image URL and form it by encryption with base64 image method. With such encryption, ordinary users will be confused to copy Instagram image URLs and minimize claiming images arbitrarily. Maybe not many understand how to convert the encrypted image into a JPG or native format, but actually Instagram itself has prepared the URL for the image and it seems it was hidden for some reason.

Instagram adapts very well when used directly from the app, and there are plenty of apps to easily grab content from Instagram at no cost. But this time not from an app, but directly from an app a website that boasts of taking pictures from Instagram easier. Even though Instagram doesn’t look very perfect when enjoyed on a PC, it’s still great if you use it to browse existing images and who knows if you want to save them. As I said above, Instagram uses encryption on images that cannot be copied directly from the image URL, but can still copy the image page URL.

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Image URL and Image Page URL are different, if Image URL will go directly to the image (direct), if Image Page URL will go to a page to display the image along with other navigation such as comments, likes, and others. Now you must understand what the two mean, if you don’t understand, please re-read and understand fully, because the method I will share requires the URL of the Image Page, without it, you will not be able to download the image. Here is the procedure, please see below.

  1. First of all, please open Instagram whose photo you want to take through the browser.

  2. Please click on the photo to be taken, and copy the URL of the Image Page, for example like this https://www.instagram.com/p/9pxwuAv7Tm/

  3. If you have got a URL like that, please go to the website Dinsta.com/ and paste the URL in the column provided, and click GO.

  4. Wait until loading is complete, after that please scroll down and the photo will appear, just click DOWNLOAD and photos will be downloaded instantly.

It’s easy isn’t it? Indeed, the method above looks like a lot and complicated, but if you try it right away, it will feel easy and simple. With the help of a site called Dinsta, it makes it easier for users to download images on Instagram. Please also note that photos taken directly from Instagram are not illegal, because Instagram has a policy that Photos that have been uploaded are shared rights. And the Dinsta website does not have any authority over the Instagram site because it is only a site to easily download images from Instagram.

Although on the Dinsta website there is a button to download videos from Instagram, it will jump to other websites. And to use it is also very easy, just paste the URL of the existing Video Page and click ENTER, then the existing video will appear and the user just clicks Download, then the download process will start instantly. If you paste the URL of the Video Page on the Dinsta site, it will only take pictures from the video and only an image will be downloaded, not a video. If anyone wants to ask more about the above, please comment. ️

Hopefully useful and good luck

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