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There are many who know that the strategy game that is popular today on Android phones is none other than COC (Clash Of Clans). But now it’s not only that, but there are many more games that resemble COC and are more interesting than the player characters. There are so many games that resemble COC, but in terms of characters and different battle models, just like what I will share this time, which has the same way of playing as COC but still has its own server and unique characters than COC.

The game that I will share is called Jungle Heat, an online game with the theme of war in the forest with troops that have been made, you also have to build a strong fortress so that the enemy cannot attack easily. Maybe the methods are the same as COC, but there are things that are different from this game, namely that each player is given 1 bodyguard in each fort and can be used to attack enemy forts as well. The higher the level, the bodyguards can be upgraded or create new ones, of course, stronger and commensurate with their current level.

Lots of people play this game and if you look around, the admin in this game is also active every day, and sometimes gives bonuses to members who are often active. there is also a promo code feature, if you have a special code for this game, you can chance to get attractive prizes, could be points, or others. The available characters are also unique, there are soldiers, wall explosives, fortress destroyers, and many more, the more you upgrade the barracks, the more troops you can make. I’ve played this game for a long time and it’s light to play, and supports Android Gingerbread. Here is a snippet of the image I managed to get.

Interesting right ? As I said earlier, This game supports Android Gingerbread and above, so you don’t need to look for games that are similar to COC anymore, because this game is an alternative to the COC game which is no less exciting. This game has a 4.5 rating on the app store and already has many active users every day. What I like about this game is the bodyguard, which can help fight the enemy and attack the enemy. This game is also not heavy to play and save games can be saved on Google Play Games. To download please click on the banner below.


Jungle Heat game requires Android version 2.3 above, has a size of approx 46Mb, does not require additional cache/data and must be played online. This game is not suitable for low-end Android phones, it can be played without FC, but the phone is in good condition ROOTED and have installed Chainfire 3D, if you have, please use a plugin POWER VR and tick Reduce texture quality. The recommended minimum RAM is 512Mb, and for ROOTED phones and installed Chainfire 3D is 256Mb. Play now the Jungle Heat game, no need to worry if you can’t play it, because the first time you will be given an easy and reasonable procedure. ️

Hopefully useful and good luck

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