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Games that combine intelligence accompanied by cute characters are indeed a lot of interest for children, even teenagers also play games that seem to be specifically for children, for example, Pou. But what I will share this time is not about keeping cute animals like Pou’s character, but an animal that is usually called a beast and lives on land and water, none other than a Crocodile. But don’t get me wrong, this Crocodile is very unique and very entertaining for the players, because it can display a funny expression when a player touches it.

It’s not about keeping Crocodiles, but this is a story where Swampy (a crocodile) has problem with the water pipe leading to the shower and here you have to run the pipe so that swampy can bathe. Try occasionally touching swampy characters, there will definitely be different expressions. In this game the player can play it casually because there is no time limit, so there is plenty of time to think about how to drain the water from above into the pipe leading to the shower. The beginning of the game does look ordinary, but over time, the higher the level that has been reached, the player will find out for himself the difficulty of this game which must be considered very seriously.

Not only is there water, but as the level goes up, there will be a kind of chemical water that must be removed in the other pipes, and there is also a smoke that can be combined into water, somehow, you will know it soon when you play it. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and every time there’s an immediate update I update it, there are dozens of levels that must be completed and can’t be completed in just a little time, need a full day if you can finish the whole level. Here are some snippets of pictures that I got.

This game is named Where’s My Water ? which means “Where is my water?”. The first time you play this game, you will be directed to a story from this swampy and every time you open a new place, there is also a continuation of the story. Each place has many levels to complete. And every time you pour water into the shower pipe, don’t forget to pouring the toy duck with water. Why should it be taken? Of course you will know when playing this game. To download, please click on the banner below.


Where’s My Water requires android 2.3 up, has a size of approx. 45Mb, does not require cache/SD Data, and can run on some Low-end Android phones. Can run on spreadrtum phones but must be ROOT and Chainfire 3D installed, and check Reduce texture only. This game is still version 1 and I will share version 2. So first look at the storyline of the swampy from part 1, so you don’t get confused if you want to play part 2. If you have any questions, please comment. :mrgreen:

Hopefully useful and good luck

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