Download Galaxy Macro FF APK Can Anti Banned?

Download Galaxy Macro FF APK Can Anti Banned?

There are various ways for players to become better at playing the Free Fire (FF) game.

Some practice every day, and some watch pro players and learn how to play them.

However, some players have tried to find a quick way to win often and they use helper apps.

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One of the applications that players often use is Galaxy Macro FF APK, which is a third-party application.

But what exactly is Galaxy Macro FF and what are its uses? In this article we will cover that!

Uses of Galaxy Macro FF

Free Fire headshot tips

Basically the Galaxy Macro FF application can be used by players to help them get victory or Booyah more easily.

This convenience is obtained because this application can provide players with auto headshot shot cheats when used.

So if Spinners use the application, all your shots will directly hit the enemy’s head.

Download Galaxy Macro FF APK Anti Banned?

This application claims to be anti-banned which means that players will not get banned if using Galaxy Macro FF.

However, the truth is that these claims are not true! The reason is that Free Fire’s anti-cheat system has become stronger so that applications like this can be detected easily.

In addition, Garena has also confirmed that they strictly prohibit players from using third-party applications, especially cheats.

Therefore, if you are caught using this cheat, your account will be 100% permanently banned and you will lose all your items.

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