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Wouldn’t it be easier to edit android apps directly from your phone and don’t need to open your computer again to do it? Especially for users who often perform oprek on an application that will replace an application value in that application.

Now users don’t need a computer anymore to do that because it can be done on Android phones with the help of one application.

Application named APK Editor this has a distinct advantage over most applications that can decompile APK files. Because with this APK Editor it will be easier for users to decompile and even recompile so that the results are very satisfying and as desired.

Actually, I’ve also shared a way to decompile it on Android, it’s just that the application I shared at that time didn’t have a recompile feature.

Now in this APK Editor it features decompile and recompile too like on a computer you know. So still, not all applications can be redirected and successfully recompiled again. But this application can be used to perform APK file oprek like systemui or framework-res and it definitely works.

Not only diverting APK files, it can even do more than that. Here’s an overview of the APK Editor on Android.

This application which has a very simple appearance has a size of approx 7Mb and requires at least Android version 3.1 to the top. There is no need for a data connection to open the APK Editor and can run offline and also the results of the edited APK will appear on the SDCard, so make sure the user has enough space/capacity when they want to edit large APK files. Click the banner below to download it.


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As I said earlier, APK Editor is not only used for that, but can also replace files package name, view and modify data in the system, and much more. The decompile and recompile process will take a little longer if the components of the APK file that are redirected are very large.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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