Don’t Do These Things When Playing Clash Squad Free Fire (FF)!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Clash Squad, is one of the Free Fire modes that are quite loved by players after the Battle Royale mode. What’s more, at this time the existence of Rank makes players more enthusiastic about playing in Clash Squad mode.

Even so, of course, when playing Clash Squad Free Fire (FF), Buddy Booyah will find many players who don’t understand the flow of the game style.

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Well, through the following article, Booyah News has several things you should not do when playing Clash Squad on Free Fire (FF)!

Only Buying AWM Even If You Have Less Mastery

Actually, it’s okay Buddy Booyah to learn AWM when playing Clash Squad. The problem is when Buddy Booyah is not good at using AWM weapons but doesn’t buy other weapons.

This will only be a loss for the team, because Buddy Booyah’s game becomes less than optimal and this of course increases the chances of Buddy Booyah losing in that round.

Advance Alone Even When Teammates Play Defensive

When playing Clash Squad, make sure Buddy Booyah also sees how your teammates are, especially when playing random. Don’t push forward if your friends are playing defensive or defending.

If Buddy Booyah later still forces to play aggressively while the team plays more defensively, if it gets hit knock there would be no friends to help because it was too far torevive.

Lazy to Revive Teammates

This is what may be one of the diseases that are difficult to release from Clash Squad players. Lazy to do revive to teammates even though there is an opportunity and instead prefers to look for enemies.

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Keep in mind, by doing revive at least Buddy Booyah will add troops to be able to defeat the enemy. In addition, by doing revive You will also save the weapons used by the player so that the player does not have to waste money to buy weapons.

However, keep looking at the situation and conditions when you want torevive players in Clash Squad!

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