Dewa Rzell Harvest Points Match 2 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2

No kidding, his double Baretta brought Dewa to victory with a beautiful clutch. In fact, not only Dewa Rzell Harvest Points Match 2 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2, he managed to clutch Booyah calmly.

You could say here Rzell immediately shows the highest mechanic in Free Fire. He casually fought the last two people with his dual Baretta which made use of a quick switch. With almost 10 kills, Rzell gave a sweet point to Dewa.

Getting a lot of points from kills and Booyah really makes Rzell and Dewa not to be underestimated. Initially in this game TangCity looked hot but unfortunately their journey didn’t reach Booyah even though it wasn’t so bad.

No need for gloo and med kit because Rzell gives a pretty pretty appearance for Free Fire fans. Purely mechanical, he fought the SES squad which he hit using a sniper at close range.

Dewa is currently very consistently at the top. There’s no need to give amazing play if it’s not consistent. Here Dewa gives a sweet result which is very good. Other teams have to start being vigilant too.

But calm down, this is still the second match on the second day and the other teams still have lots of opportunities going forward. God but looks very consistent and might run smoother in the future.

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