Dewa Booyah Thin in Match 3 Day 1 FFML S4 Division 2

Unexpectedly, Dewa Booyah was thin in match 3 day 1 FFML S4 division 2. By biting each other against The Pillars in the last seconds, Dewa, who managed to separate the two TP players, was finally able to win in the match.

This match was also very fierce from all teams and drew it from Dewa as well. They are the team that started the match with only 3 players because their 1 player was separated and had to be knocked out at the beginning of the match.

By slowly playing safe and smart, they can rise to the top and even get Booyah. The Pillars also played well and unfortunately their position was not so good which Dewa United took advantage of.

Again EVOS had to fall because of a bad zone when fighting against NESC. Plus, Aura is almost safe, but is immediately ambushed when she is on the edge of the safe zone. With this solid result, Dewa managed to hold the third match.

Dewa’s players in this match played very solid and smart. They managed to play slowly and surely where each team shot each other. But their victory was quite slim against the Pillars at the end of the match.

TP unfortunately got a bad position when 2v2, their position separated. As a result, this was taken advantage of by God and their position was cut directly and overthrown one by one. With this, Dewa Booyah was thin in match 3 day 1 FFML S4 division 2.

With the teams immediately unexpectedly changing the position of the final standings in this match, it will be very fierce to compete with each other. It will be very exciting to see how this first day can end for all teams.

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