Counting the Days, Free Fire (FF) and Attack on Titan (AOT) Collaboration Officially Begins

After a long wait, waiting for the release of the collaboration. Finally, all FF players get good news regarding this Free Fire collaboration with Attack on Titan.

This collaboration is something that players have been waiting for the most. Garena as a publisher is known to often collaborate with several popular characters, they also had time to collaborate with one of the most popular soccer players, namely Cristian Ronaldo.

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And this time we got good information, where FF’s collaboration with AOT, an anime from Japan officially started. Players will get a variety of interesting content from the collaboration, from costumes, weapon skins, new game modes, to event prizes!

ff x aot collaboration

Meanwhile, players are given the opportunity to experience the sensation of combat in the style of Attack on Titan through clothing items inspired by the anime series, including the iconic uniform that has the Wings of Freedom symbol for male and female characters.

In addition, you will also have the option to battle through the scary Titans costumes. You can get two costumes at once, namely Armored and Attack which are iconic from the anime series itself. The FF x AOT collaboration itself has started globally.

Based on the information we got, this collaboration will take place on March 27, 2021 until next April. So for those of you who can’t wait, I hope you can be a little more patient.

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