Carnival Paradise FF Event Comes Bringing Chrono Top Scorers and Soccer Shirts!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Are Buddy Booyah looking for a soccer jersey as one of your mainstay collections on Free Fire? If so, you can’t miss the latest Free Fire event that is coming soon!

The Carnival Paradise FF event will soon come to Free Fire with a line of soccer jerseys and what’s no less cool is the Chrono Top Scorer FF Bundle, which is a Free Fire x CR7 collaboration bundle.

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Curious about how the Carnival Paradise event is and what soccer jerseys are available in this event? Check out the full leak through the following Booyah News article!

Soccer Shirt and Chrono Top Scorer in Carnival Paradise FF

Carnival Paradise last came to Free Fire Indonesia at the end of May 2021 yesterday. Just like the previous Carnival Paradise FF event, this time Buddy Booyah can get various soccer clothes.

The Carnival Paradise event will be available from 10 to 16 September 2021. For more details about this Carnival Paradise FF event, here are the details and conditions for the event.

  1. Shoot to pop the balloons to earn tokens that can be exchanged for great prizes, including the Chrono Top Scorer Bundle and various jerseys
  2. Pop the balloon 1x with 25 diamonds or pop the balloon 10x with 225 diamond
  3. The first shot is FREE so don’t hesitate to try this event
  4. You can exchange tokens in the gift box and the tokens that have been exchanged will be forfeited
  5. Tokens can only be used in this event and will be forfeited when the event ends
  6. The prizes you win will go directly to the vault/collection/weapons
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How, is Buddy Booyah impatient with the presence of the Carnival Paradise event on Free Fire? Don’t miss out on joining the latest Free Fire event starting tomorrow!

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