Can Get Free Miya Legend Skin From Mobile Legends, Here’s How!

Can Get Free Miya Legend Skin From Mobile Legends, Here’s How!

After repeatedly distributing epic limit and legend skins for free to his fans, Moonton doesn’t seem to have stopped just like that.

To make Mobile Legends’ 5th anniversary celebration even more lively, they again held a contest with the main prize in the form of Miya’s Legend Skin “Modena Butterfly”.

This is also inseparable from Miya who became an icon for the 5th anniversary of Mobile Legends so that later there will be other Miya skins as gifts.

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Only for Miya users

Photo via Mobile Legends

Unfortunately, not all players can get the chance to get Miya’s cool Legend skin.

The reason is, Mobile Legends itself has its own qualifications for participants who can take part in the contest.

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So here are the qualifications that you must follow.

  1. MLBB and Miya lovers;
  2. Reached Epic for at least two consecutive seasons;
  3. Marksman’s main hero, especially Miya.

It is of course quite clear that the contest is only reserved for Miya users who have reached at least Epic rank over the last two seasons.

Just Create Stories On Instagram

To win one of Miya’s cool skins, one of which is Modena Butterfly, you only need to create a story on Instagram.

The story is about your experience playing Mobile Legends, whether it’s a fun experience when playing with friends or when you create content about Miya.

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Of course, there is no limit on the participants who can take part in the contest, whether players or content creators all have the opportunity to win the cool skin.

You also don’t forget to include the hashtags #MLBB5thAnniversary and #MiyaAdherent in your posts so that the Moonton team can check directly.

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