Can Get Free Legend Skins From Mobile Legends, Here’s How!

Can Get Free Legend Skins From Mobile Legends, Here’s How!

The celebration of the 5th anniversary of Mobile Legends seems to be celebrated on a large scale by Moonton.

The reason is, they recently officially collaborated again with Brandon “BKent” Kentjana to enliven the anniversary celebration.

To enliven the collaboration, Moonton is finally ready to distribute Mobile Legends skins for free, one of which is Skin Legend which can be obtained at a price of millions of rupiah.

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Comment Only

Skin Legend

Interestingly, you only need to comment on the latest video uploaded by Mobile Legends entitled “Dawn of the Moon Remix” starring Bkent directly.

You only need to comment on the most exciting event in Mobile Legends for 5 years since the game was founded.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

This is of course very easy to do, so of course everyone has the opportunity to get a legend skin from Moonton for free.

Of course you need to include your ID and server number after commenting on the video.

There will be 10 lucky winners

Granger Legend
Photo via Moonton

Later there will be 10 lucky winners chosen by Mobile Legends to get several skins ranging from legend skins, epic limits and other prizes.

This is definitely interesting to follow because it doesn’t require a lot of troublesome requirements like some other giveaways.

The prize itself will be sent via your in-game mail if you are selected as one of the 10 lucky winners.

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