By 1 Lone Wolf Mode Comes in the August Free Fire (FF) Update!

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In Free Fire, currently there is not only Battle Royale mode available. However, there are various other modes that you can try and play when you are bored playing Battle Royale mode.

Not only there are modes that are already available, Free Fire also often brings new new modes. In the Free Fire update that will take place on August 4, 2021, Free Fire has a new mode, Lone Wolf!

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This is a quite interesting mode because the mode that has been eagerly awaited is its presence in Free Fire. The following is a variety of information about Lone Wolf Free Fire (FF) mode in the Free Fire update in August!

Lone Wolf Free Fire (FF) Mode

Lone Wolf is a mode in Free Fire (FF) that presents a one-on-one battle. When playing, Buddy Booyah will be placed in the Iron Cage map. A warehouse with a size that is not too big.

Because it is a one-on-one mode, this mode is very concerned with individual skills. To support this, Buddy Booyah will be able to buy various equipment such as weapons and various other things.

In addition, Buddy Booyah will also get 1 Flash Freeze, 1 Flashbang, and 2 Gloo Walls per round for free. Of course Buddy Booyah can use the Gold he has to buy more necessary things.

Lone Wolf Free Fire (FF) mode will later be present together with the August Free Fire (FF) update which will take place on 4 August 2021? Is Buddy Booyah impatient?

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