Box Slam Dunk Master FF Comes Again at Free Fire

Originally posted on February 14, 2021 @ 2:54 PM

Very good news, because Box Slam Dunk Master FF is here again in Free Fire. Of course this is one of the latest updates, so we can use it later when playing. This bundle that is here and in a special way, just gives you a lot of big benefits.

Don’t forget that for now, there are still many events in this game. One of them we can also know how to get the Cobra Free Fire badge, which is present at one of the web events that will be present later.

Then don’t forget that for example the Shirou Free Fire character, is ready to be present in this game. So we can only wait for all the latest updates, so that later you won’t miss some other new information about the updates that will come later.

Including from Box Slam Dunk Master FF Comes Again at Free Fire right now. Maybe you too, will be interested in trying to get the box when it comes later.

Box Slam Dunk Master Fre Fire (FF)

In the new information currently available, there are a lot of leaked updates to the Free Fire game. Of course, those of us who are playing, will not want to miss what things are coming. One of them is from Box Slam Dunk which is reportedly coming back.

Well, we also know that this Free Fire Slam Dunk Bundle is a fairly rare part of the game. Where this bundle also has a Purple Type, which is different from the jersey bundle in general in the Free Fire game.

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Then for news now, this Box Bundle Slam Dunk will be presented again by Garena in the shop. So of course with that, we really shouldn’t miss this box sale if we want to have this cool bundle.

Moreover, this is one of the bundles that is quite rare, there were even players who hoped that this bundle would be presented again. Now, if you want to have the bundle, you can buy it directly in the shop right now.

But for the Indonesian server, we can’t really know when this will come and we can try it with all of you. For the price of the Box, it’s not just fixed 20 Diamonds later. Maybe it will go up, so prepare your diamonds now.

Kabargokil has a prediction that the new Box will come with a price of 40-60 Diamonds for a single purchase. Considering that this Slam Dunk Master Bundle is rare, so it’s only natural that the price given to the Box is quite expensive.

It’s not yet available on the Indonesian server, so we’ll just have to wait for all the updates and don’t miss any other new information. Because we really can’t know for sure, if this doesn’t exist on the Indonesian Server right now.

So just wait, maybe in a few days the new thing will come soon for us to buy later.

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After knowing that Box Slam Dunk Master FF is here again at Free Fire, of course you can’t miss the box. Because this is an item that gives you rare items, to be used when competing in the game, huh.

Then don’t forget the Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, because this method is still very useful when opening a box like that. So make sure if you already know all this information, in order to get the main prize easily.

In fact, you can also find out, a variety of new information by just following Instagram, Kabargokil right now. Free Fire games and other games, it will not be difficult for us to know the information right now.

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