BOOM Means Match 4 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2

BOOM the previous few matches were not very satisfying. However, BOOM Means Match 4 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2 and gave a solid Booyah. Team Six Nine may also be named the most riotous team.

Even though BOOM got Booyah, it was indeed the GGWP and Six Nine who stole the spotlight in this match. BOOM but deliver a very sharp bite. Directly change the playstyle, proved effective for their Booyah.

Maybe this can be a momentum for BOOM, which in the future can end even better. BOOM is a bit inconsistent today but there are still a few matches ahead that they can use for positive points.

BOOM plays really smart in the late zone. With their game being smart enough to take advantage of positioning things ended very well for them. Of course, in the next matches, other teams have to rack their brains too.

Playing in FFML is not easy, because it is very difficult to predict the opposing team. BOOM this time played very beautifully although previously it stumbled a few times. This momentum is very important to them.

With their excellent game this is what they need. Of course, the positioning of BOOM must also be monitored by other teams because they are very strong in this regard as well as in clutching each of their players.

Of course the surprise from BOOM is very important to watch. Even though BOOM Means Match 4 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2, other teams should not be left behind and must be wary of the BOOM game which looks increasingly solid.

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