Bonafide Plays Well In Game 4 FFML Season IV Division 1 – Match Day 5

Bonafide finally got Booyah after several close to getting it. Their excellent game paid off and of course the dedication of the players was also very helpful in the match.

The Bonafide players put in an excellent performance. With a disadvantaged zone position they managed to provide a very exciting resistance. The bona fides at the bottom of the hill have at least more members.

But it’s a shame that the current performance of a favorite team like Aura is still not very satisfying. They always die early several times and this is certainly not a very good thing. Excellent game from Bonafide players.

There are still a few more matches in the future where there are still opportunities for other teams. But right now Bonafide looks really terrible and their potential to play in the future is getting bigger as well, of course.

Whether Bonafide can still continue to be consistent, no one knows. But it looks like Bonafide will still give a lot of surprises if they play well continuously.

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