Bonafide Ferocious FFML Season 4 Division 1 Match 5 Day 1

No kidding, indeed, because Bonafide’s aggressive game paid off. The Bonafide Visible Fierce FFML Season 4 Division 1 Match 5 Day 1 and the battle against SES made them the winners in the fifth game.

Kill Bonafide is also quite a lot so it’s not just Booyah points because their kills help a lot in point competition. Bonafide’s relatively large harvest will probably give them a good point climb.

Bonafide is also very good at taking advantage of opposing teams that fight against each other. They play it safe and when the time is right they come out and deliver a deadly attack to steal a few kills.

The competition that started to heat up in game 5 might explode in the last game. Bonafides who need additional points to catch up with EVOS and ONIC who are far above can certainly take advantage of this.

It’s still the first day so the other teams should be calm. But also can’t stay silent because if Bonafide can be consistent like this, maybe other teams can be threatened. Bonafide is very good at playing guerrilla which can be very scary.

With Bonafide Ferocious FFML Season 4 Division 1 Match 5 Day 1 of course it will be very exciting to continue to monitor this. Do they just pop off one game or continue on to the next game and the next day which will be very interesting.

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